Duplantis breaks world record in pole vault in Torun, Poland

Armand Duplantis broke the world record in pole vault and rode 6.17 m on Saturday (8) at the Orlen Copernicus Cup in Torun, Poland, the fourth stop of the World Athletics Indoor Tour.

The 20-year-old Swede, who was competing in his second race of the 2020 season, increased Renaud Lavillenie’s mark in Donetsk, Ukraine, by one centimetre in 2014.

Duplantis reached the record high on his second attempt, which brought only his sixth jump from the competition.

“It’s something I’ve wanted since I was three years old,” Duplantis said. “It’s a big year, but it’s a good start.”

With the five other starters in the field at 5.52 m, the evening was anything other than an exhibition for Duplantis, who made his first clearance 5,72 m 5,92 m and 6.01 m. On his first attempt at 6.17 m, he grazed the pole with his thigh upwards and caused it to collapse. Despite the failure, Duplantis felt his confidence rise.

“After that first attempt, I thought,’ Yes, I only need two more attempts and I have understood. I was pretty confident that I had it.”

He only needed one more. It was not clean-again he wiped it slightly upwards – but the Bar persisted as he sailed back to Earth. For the first time as a world record holder.

He competed alone and became the master of his own destiny. He played it well.

“I have to choose my Heights. In such a Situation, in which I could choose my Heights and do everything I wanted, and when I was ready to take it to 6.17 m, it played well.”

The record is a sensational and unprecedented rise in the discipline of Duplantis, a pole vault prodigy who started setting age group records at the age of seven. It will probably take some time to reach the extent of its performance.

“How do you explain a dream that has been a dream since you were three years old? It is also a great dream. It is not a small dream. And it is a whole process that develops up to this Moment. I can’t really understand it. “

He is time for it. He will not take part in the competition again until next Saturday in Glasgow.

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